26th of August, 2013 — Workout — 8-Count Burpees, One-Leg Romanian Deadlifts, Rows, Iron Mikes, Straight Leg Raises

My fellow Convicts,

How’re you all doing today? I’d have to say it’s another excellent day to get some training in, dont you? I didnt get to do my normal routine, but nonetheless it was a decent workout. Nice to mix things up a bit occasionally anyway!

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Today’s workout, as I mentioned, wasn’t my usual routine. It was also torrential raining on us the entire time. Kind of got my phone wet, which pisses me off. Hopefully the ol’ let it soak in rice overnight will fix it up. Had a nice group of people to workout with me today. The meetup.com group I’ve is gaining more traction. I had five people show up today! Getting closer and closer to getting my own training off the ground.

Anyway, time for dinner so here’s what we did today! ( I didnt have any of my usual electronics to keep track of the reps for today unfortunately, all you get is the workouts )



This workout will be a Tabata workout. If you don’t remember what that means, dont worry baby birds, I’ll feed you!

Tabata workouts are as follows:

• Eight Rounds

• 20 seconds of Exercise

• 10 Seconds of Rest

• Thats it!!

Exercise 1:

  • 8-Count Burpees

Exercise 2:

  • One-Leg Romanian Deadlift

Exercise 3:

  • Rows

Exercise 4:

  • Iron Mikes

Exercise 5:

  • Straight Leg Raises