9th of September, 2013 — Workout — Running!!

Whats happening Convicts?!

I had a workout last friday, but I didnt have anything with me to log it, and I can’t recall the number so I just nixed the entry.

I’ve also decided to switch up my regular workout day’s to Tue / Thur / Saturday. Reasoning, I feel as though my progress for my goals are suffering with having my meetup.com group workouts. They don’t really align with my goals so I’m going to keep those workouts on Mon / Wed  / Fri and do my own on the mentioned days above. I think this’ll work out better as it’ll give me the opportunity to pay attention and actually train the individuals who show up to the workouts, and as I mentioned my progress and goals are being neglected. I dont like that.

Anyway, I got in a decent run with the workout today as it was down on the Calisthenics trail. We’d run down and then jog back while doing the Calisthenics stations ( hence the excessive duration! )


  • Distance: 2.64 Miles
  • Duration: 1 Hour 45 Minutes

13th of August, 2013 — Workout — Running

Bonjourno Convicts!

Light day today, I had to actually talk myself into get up out of bed because I really really dislike running. Somehow managed it though. I did manage to cut some of the time off though, which was nice. I sprinted like it was my job for the last few hundred feet just to push myself and make me hate running even more 🙂




  • Distance: 2.03 Miles
  • Duration: 16:28 Minutes
  • Total Climb: 144 Feet