21st of May, 2013 — Workout — Heavy Bag, Speed Bag, Shadow Box, Jump Rope

BAM! Punchy punchy today ladies n gents. I almost didnt make it down to the gym today again. Was insanely hot today, for me at least. Was rocking out around 91 when I got out of the gym and back to my car. I didnt honestly look at it before I went in today. Some pretty intense heavy weights there today. Glad I don’t have to take their punches!

As always with my boxing, things are three rounds, with one minute rest between each. Boy was it hot today too!

Kid had on a good shirt today that said ‘Hard Work Pays Off’ Nothing we dont already know, but it was a nice little reminder today as I was already struggling with making it down there.



  • Heavy Bag
  • Speed Bag
  • Shadow Boxing
  • Jump Rope