We need to re-frame our thinking …

Need to shift your focus from a Weight Loss mindset to a Health Mindset. The true measure of health is your body composition, not the weight.

Its much better to gain five pounds, and lose four dress sizes. The size of muscle is significantly smaller than the size of fat.


Interesting fact from my Personal Training studies

Hey Guys,

Been studying all day, and I just came across this awesome little bit of information in the Training Principles section of my Personal Training course.

Major decrease in Strength & Aerobic capacity are apparent after two weeks without exercise & major decrease in Anaerobic capacity after three weeks without exercise.

Reading that should give you some motivation to keep at it! I know it made me never want to go that long again.

Stay Strong!


Back to the training

So vacation is over šŸ˜¦ Had a blast – Little bit too much fun – Drank too much, diet sucked, didn’t get any workouts in except showing my friends pistol squats while drunk ( I can do them now! ). So this afternoon I’m going to hit the workout hard, and get back into my routine.

Check back later for the workout for today, or drop me a message and let me know how your workout for the weekend was!


Boo yesterday

Yesterday didn’t exactly turn out how I had planned. As you can see from my dietĀ I had one too many adult beverages. This coupled with a game night playing FIFA, turned out to beĀ disastrous for my workout and diet. Once I’ve a few beers down the hatch I get such an insatiable urge to eat horribly. Must be some left over habits from college.

Oh well, I can’t dwell on it, it’s already in the past. Today’s workout will be what yesterday’s was supposed to be, some Hand Stand Pushup’s along with Bridges. Stay tuned for the post and video.


Diet’s not been the greatest

I’m having a tough time with all the prep work that goes into maintaining my nutrition goals, and its making me mad!Ā Anyone else run into this?

I’ve always had a fairly balanced and healthy diet, as far back as I can remember. My mom and dad engrained in my from a young age healthy eating habits. Mumsi always made a vegetable whenever we were sitting down together for a meal ( which I’d have to say was a lot more often than most ). Thankfully I’ve always had a thing for veggies and actually like them much more than fruits.

I’m currently on a Mass Gaining diet though, and I find it difficult sometimes because I’m so used to being really cut, averaging around 8-13% body fat ( estimated because I don’t have calipers ). Now that I’m trying to put on more muscle I eat like a horse, and sometime when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror it discourages me a bit. I’m not saying that I’m a monster now, I’d say I’m a good 13-17% body fat now, but I’ve also put on around 5-10lbs of muscle too. I guess I’m just curious if others go through this when they’re on a mass gaining diet?

I just can’t wait to get back down to my normal body fat percentage, and have that cut look I’ve had my whole life! For those interested, I log all my food intake as well here