23rd of September, 2013 — Workout — Jogging, or Yogging if you’re from Sweden

Whats happening today Convicts?!

Today was a good little recovery day, and why not some cardio? I know I don’t like it, so thats what makes it a wonderful day for it. Yeah, I know that doesnt make too much sense, but I’ve to lie to myself like that to get in the Cardio 🙂  Nonetheless, it was actually a pretty nice day for a Calisthenics trail run with some of my meetup crew. They’re getting better every time we go out, and that makes me feel good. I like to see people progressing, especially when they’ve perfect form!

I’m getting incredibly psyched up for my MovNat training and certification course this weekend! It’s been months coming, and I look forward to all the new knowledge and cool training techniques I’ll be able to implement afterwards! I only wish some of you were here to crank out some Calisthenics with me.




  • 3.84 Miles
  • Don’t time it while I’m running on the trail with my Natural Movers
  • =D

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