5th of August, 2013 — Workout — Wall Handstand, L-Sit,Tuck Planche Pushup, Advanced Tuck Back / Front Lever, Dips on Rings, Wide Grip L-Sit Pullups, Sandbag Squats

Glorious glorious Calisthenics!

Hot damn, I missed working out and posting it for all you crazy convicts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to mentally prepare myself for today though, as I knew my numbers would be a bit lacking … and I was right. I cut everything down to only two sets for today to get back into it a bit. I have a feeling I’m going to awfully sore tomorrow. MAN I MISSED WORKING OUT!!!!!!

Chest & Rotator cuff seemed to do well though, although there were no pains working out before, but I just didnt want anything to happen. I can still feel it in the morning when I stretch, but it’s much less.


Things are coming along nicely with my MovNat curriculum and training though. I’m getting pretty psyched to start things up with that once I take my training in September. I agree with Klaus & Lawrence though, and I will not exclusively use MovNat, but more of a supplemental, and general guidelines in my training.

Stay Strong!



  • 15 Forward / Reverse Wrist Circles ( Left )
  • 15 Forward / Reverse Wrist Circles ( Right )
  • 20 Shoulder Dislocates
  • 1 Minute Straight Arm Support
  • 10 Forward / Reverse Arm Circles ( Small, Medium & Large )
  • 20 Burpees

Skill Work:

  • 20s Wall Handstand — 3s Freestanding
  • 20s Wall Handstand — 2s Freestanding
  • 20s L-Sit ( On Rings )
  • 16s L-Sit ( On Rings )


Planche Progression: Tuck Planche Pushups

Set 1: Tuck Planche Pushups

  • 5 Tuck Planche Pushups

Set 2: 

  • 4 .5 Tuck Planche Pushups

Set 3: 

  • 3.5 Tuck Planche Pushups


Lever Progression’s: Advanced Tuck Back & Front Lever

Set 1: Tuck Back Lever

  • 20s Tuck Back Lever

Set 2: Advanced Tuck Back Lever

  • 6s  Advanced Tuck Back Lever

Set 1: Advanced Tuck Front Lever

  • 8s Advanced Tuck Front Lever

Set 2: 

  • 7s Advanced Tuck Front Lever


One-Arm Pushup Progression: Dips on Rings

Set 1: 

  • 9 Dips

Set 2: 

  • 6 Dips


One-Arm Chinup Progression: Wide Grip L-Sit Pullups on Rings

Set 1: 

  • 10 Wide Grip L-Sit Pullups

Set 2:

  • 7 Wide Grip L-Sit Pullups


Sandbag Training: Full Squats with Calf Raises

Set 1: 

  • 10 Full Squats & 10 Calf Raises

Set 2: 

  • 10 Full Squats & 10 Calf Raises