17th of July, 2013 — Workout — Volleyball & Running


Holy hell was today insanely hot. I’m absolutely not built for this climate. I need to move somewhere that’s 60-70 ( Fahrenheit for you Euro’s n Friends ) with zero humidity. I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT WHEN I’M JUST STANDING THERE IN MY BUSINESS ATTIRE AND IM SWEATING!


Regardless, I still managed to put in a good day of cardio. I went and played Volleyball with my pops n his friends for lunch, and after I got my haircut, I went for a run. Nothing fancy, same route as last time, and I think I actually went a bit slower … BUT I’m blaming it on the heat! Just glad I got out there and put in work.

Again following the MovNat running techniques, the knees are feeling like champs. I’m getting better with it each time I go out, although I still feel a bit goofy.




  • Distance: 2.03 Miles
  • Duration: 18:15 Minutes
  • Total Climb: 144 Feet

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