18th of June, 2013 — Workout — PUNCH PUNCH BOX BOX!

WWWhats happening CONVICTS!!!!!!!!!

Finally able to make it back to the boxing gym after a few weeks hiatus. Shoulder was cooperative up until the last round of hitting the Heavy Bag. Worth it though, I held back on my Straight Right because I didnt want to mess that guy up again. I do love me some good ol’ boxing training though 🙂

There’s a few kids in the gym who’re fighting coming up this weekend, and another next month some time. I didnt get all the specifics, but I’m planning on watching the one this weekend. It’s pure boxing, the one next month is MMA

I like MMA, but it’s just not the same … which is why you’ve to love them both! If I had started young and trained to be a world champ, I’d absolutely choose boxing though.

As usual – Boxing rounds are three minutes long, with one minute breaks, and each workout is for three rounds Check it!




  • Shadow Boxing
  • Speed Bag
  • Heavy Bag
  • Jump Rope

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