20th of May, 2013 — Workout — Wall Handstand, L-Sit, Tuck Planche, Tuck Planche Pushup, Advanced Tuck Back / Front Lever, Elevated OAPU,Wide Grip L-Sit Pullups, Sandbag Training

Hey o’ Convicts,

Damn, things’ve been a bit sketchy around these parts for a few weeks now. My body is definitely not cut out for this hot weather. I feel like I’m going to overheat at any moment sometimes!


  • 15 Forward / Reverse Wrist Circles ( Left )
  • 15 Forward / Reverse Wrist Circles ( Right )
  • 20 Shoulder Dislocates
  • 1 Minute Straight Arm Support
  • 10 Forward / Reverse Arm Circles ( Small, Medium & Large )
  • 20 Burpees

Skill Work:

  • 22s Wall Handstand — 4s Freestanding
  • 14s Wall Handstand — 2s Freestanding
  • 19s Wall Handstand — 0s Freestanding
  • 16s L-Sit ( Hands Backwards, between two chairs )
  • 15s L-Sit ( Hands Backwards, between two chairs )


Planche Progression: Tuck Planche

Moving the Pushup variation to the second set – because I do what I want!

Set 1: 

  • 10s Tuck Planche

Set 2: Tuck Planche Pushups

  • 3 Tuck Planche Pushups

Set 3: 

  • 3 Tuck Planche Pushups


Lever Progression’s: Advanced Tuck Back & Front Lever

Got a +2 on the second set of the Advanced Tuck Back Lever. Not bad Not bad. My landlord cut down most of the branches in my backyard unfortunately. I’m going to have to purchase some of those Olympic rings now. Its OK though as I’ve wanted them since the winter!

BAM +3 on the third set! I’ll take it 🙂

Can’t seem to progress past the seven seconds of the first set for the Advanced Tuck Front Lever’s … Suppose the second and third set weren’t too shabby. Got a few more seconds for each rep. That first one though, seems to get me every time. Could be my muscles are not quite ready for the strength requirements during the first set. It seems that the first set on each back & front was the lowest time.

Set 1: Advanced Tuck Back Lever

  • 6s Advanced Tuck Back Lever

Set 2: 

  • 8s Advanced Tuck Back Lever

Set 3: 

  • 8s Advanced Tuck Back Lever

Set 1: Advanced Tuck Front Lever

  • 7s Advanced Tuck Front Lever

Set 2: 

  • 6s Advanced Tuck Front Lever

Set 3: 

  • 5s Advanced Tuck Front Lever


One-Arm Pushup Progression: Sandbag Pushups

Switching things up a little bit. I’m going to put my Bruteforce Sandbag on my back full of 70lbs of sand, and crank out some Full, Wide Grip & Diamond Pushups.

HOT DAMN!!!!!!!! The Diamond variation put the ol’ hurt on! Glad those suckers are done.

Set 1: Full

  • 9 Sandbag Full Pushups

Set 2: Wide Grip

  • 8 Wide Grip Pushups

Set 3: Diamond

  • 3 Diamond Pushups


One-Arm Chinup Progression: Wide Grip L-Sit Pullups

Woot! Got to the magic number of 10 for the first set! Let’s see how many I lose on the next two 🙂 haha Progress is there at least!!!!!!!!

Man I don’t even care about the last set – and by ‘I don’t care’ I mean, I’ve progressed one rep for the first two sets so if I can break even on the last set, then it’s been a good day. One of the hottest day’s I’ve worked out in, in awhile. It’s freaking 83 out, I DON LIKE!!

Set 1: 

  • 10 Wide Grip L-Sit Pullups

Set 2:

  • 7 Wide Grip L-Sit Pullups

Set 3: 

  • 5 Wide Grip L-Sit Pullups


Sandbag Leg Training: HILL SPRINTS!!!!!!

Brought these fun guys back in. I can already feel my hammies hurting. I also had the bright idea of doing five Walking Squats on each side every 50 paces on the way down the hill. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me. I always have to make things so much more harder! I remember thinking after my first run up, ‘hey, you know what would make this more fun … if I did Walking Squats on the way down! Go me.’

Set 1:

  • 352 Yards x 2

Set 2:

  • 352 Yards x 2
  • 20 or so Walking Squats, I didnt think of counting because they suck haha.

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