10th of April, 2013 — Workout — Push, Pull & Squat

Hey folks,

Came down with something that took me out of commission for a bit. Havent been sick like that in awhile … Anyway, just a light one today to get back into the groove a bit.


  • 10 Military Pushups
  • 10 Wide Grip Pushups
  • 10 Pseudo-Planche Pushups


  • 10 Full Squats
  • 10 One-Leg Romanian Dead Lifts ( Left )
  • 10 One-Leg Romanian Dead Lifts ( Right )


  • 10 Wide Grip Pullups
  • 10 Full Pullups



3 thoughts on “10th of April, 2013 — Workout — Push, Pull & Squat

  1. Hi Big B, hope you are well. I know you have moved on from these along time ago but I am only starting handstands and have a question. I see that you got to about a 1min hold in handstands before you moved on to half handstand pushups unless I maybe missed one of your blog posts. Did you feel you were strong enough to progress after the 1 minute and there may not be a need to go to a 2 minute hold?



    • Hey David,

      Thanks for the comment my friend. I’m not too sure honestly, I could already do HSPU’s before I began my Convict Conditioning routine. I would absolutely recommend working towards the two minute mark for the balance aspect and training you would get out of it. If your ultimate goal is to accomplish the Freestanding HSPU, then I’d stick it out. Or, you could do Handbalance skill training in conjunction with your HSPU training 🙂

      How’s the rest of your progressions coming along?


  2. Hey Big B, the rest of my progressions are coming along slowly and this is what I am currently at

    Squat step 10, Leg Raise step 5, Pushup step 5, Pullup step 5, Handstands step 3, Bridge step 2

    My leg raises are falling behind as I have nowhere handy to do them. Maybe i’ll start going outside when the weather is warmer. Still loving CC though and will probably move onto gymnastic moves like you too eventually..


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