6th of March, 2013 — Workout — Wall Handstand, Tuck L-Sit, Frog Stands, Tuck Planche, Tuck Back / Front Lever, Elevated OAPU, L-Sit Pullups, Squats, Dead Lifts & Walking Lunges

Hey o Convicts!!!

Great freaking day to crank out some Calisthenics dont you think?! I dont care if you dont think it is, because IT IS! Get out there and get your workouts in, trust me, when was the last time after your workout, you were wishing you didnt do it?! Can’t think of one right – its because it doesnt exist. Get your reps in, beat some personal goals and MOVE IT.




  • 15 Forward / Reverse Wrist Circles ( Left )
  • 15 Forward / Reverse Wrist Circles ( Right )
  • 20 Shoulder Dislocates
  • 1 Minute Straight Arm Support
  • 10 Forward / Reverse Arm Circles ( Small, Medium & Large )
  • 20 Burpees

Skill Work:

  • 25s Wall Handstand
  • 25s Wall Handstand
  • 40s Wall Handstand
  • 21s Tuck L-Sit ( Hands Backwards, between two chairs )
  • 19s Tuck L-Sit ( Hands Backwards, between two chairs )


Planche Progression: Frog Stand & Tuck Planche

Getting a bit more and more each day. The balance for the Tuck Planche is getting better each time. Just have to stay consistent and persevere!

Set 1: Frog Stand

  • 37s Frog Stand

Set 2: Tuck Planche

  • 2.5s Tuck Planche

Set 3: 

  • 2.5s Tuck Planche


Lever Progression’s: Tuck Back Lever & Tuck Front Lever

Set 1: Tuck Back Lever

Two minute rest time between these boy boys for today’s workout. Like Steven said in Overcoming Gravity,  these are stretching out my elbow’s. I’ve never had a workout do that before – its a strange feeling! Feeling good today though 🙂

  • 5s Tuck Back Lever

Set 2:

  • 6s Tuck Back Lever

Set 3:

  • 7s Tuck Back Lever

Set 1: Tuck Front Lever

Two minute break for these Front one as well. It’s funny to me, the times increase as the sets increase for the Tuck Back Lever’s, but the time’s decrease as the sets increase with these Front ones! It definitely feels awesome though increasing the times!!

  • 8s Tuck Front Lever

Set 2:

  • 7s Tuck Front Lever

Set 3:

  • 6s Tuck Front Lever


One-Arm Pushup Progression: Elevated OAPU

Going with another Two minute rest time between these sets as well. Seems to be working out well for me. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned but the elevation that I’m currently at is about waist level – Seems to be a good height to start. I’m going to have to drop it down though next week I’m thinking. I want to get it so I can get two different workouts, each set with ten reps.

Let me tell you what though, I had to persevere through those last few reps of the second set. This third one is going to be brutal 🙂 BRING IT!

Set 1:

  • 10 Elevated OAPU’s ( Left )
  • 10 Elevated OAPU’s ( Right )

Set 2:

  • 10 Elevated OAPU’s ( Left )
  • 10 Elevated OAPU’s ( Right )

Set 3:

  • 10 Elevated OAPU’s ( Left )
  • 10 Elevated OAPU’s ( Right )


One-Arm Chinup Progression: L-Sit Pullups

Upped the rest time for these to Three minutes … because I can! haha – Great mood today, it makes working out that much more enjoyable. And to think that before I got home I didnt want to workout this evening … what was I thinking! I know the hardest part is just starting, the actual workout is very relaxing and releasing those endorphin’s is kick A – Remember that Convicts!!

Set 1: L-Sit Pullup

  • 8 L-Sit Pullups

Set 2:

  • 7 L-Sit Pullups

Set 3:

  • 6 L-Sit Pullups


Sandbag Leg Training: Squats, Dead Lifts & Walking Lunges

Per my previous post, all sandbag training is done using the Brute Force Sandbags, with 70lbs in them. I love this little Sandbag.

Only taking one minute break’s for these – They dont seem to work my legs hard. I’m going to have to figure something else out for them.

Set 1: Squats

  • 10 Full Squats

Set 2: Dead Lifts

  • 10 Dead Lifts

Set 3: Walking Lunges

  • 10 Walking Lunges ( Left )
  • 10 Walking Lunges ( Right )

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