4th of March, 2013 — Workout –Wall Handstand, Tuck L-Sit, Frog Stands, Tuck Planche, Tuck Back / Front Lever, Elevated OAPU, L-Sit Pullups, Squats & Dead Lifts

Hey Convicts,

Kind of a rushed / shortened workout today – Although not too much was cut out. I was initially going to cut one set from each workout, but I said screw that. I know it’s really late, but that was the only excuse I could come up with, and that wasn’t good – Actually NONE of them are good enough!

Leave me some love down below, as in what’re you working towards and how’s it going!

Stay Strong



  • 15 Forward / Reverse Wrist Circles ( Left )
  • 15 Forward / Reverse Wrist Circles ( Right )
  • 20 Shoulder Dislocates
  • 1 Minute Straight Arm Support
  • 10 Forward / Reverse Arm Circles ( Small, Medium & Large )

Skill Work:

Was nice to be able to get the hands backwards on the chair for the Tuck L-Sit’s. I was reading something Steven wrote saying that it will pay dividends in the long run. I’m all about the investment in the long term, whether it comes to my finances, or my body.

  • 25s Wall Handstand ( ~ 3s Freestanding )
  • 20s Wall Handstand ( ~2s Freestanding )
  • 20s Tuck L-Sit ( Hands Backwards on a chair )
  • 19s Tuck L-Sit ( Hands Backwards on a chair )


Planche Progression: Frog Stand & Tuck Planche

Fell early on the first Frog Stand

On the second Tuck Planche, I fell down, but it was two seconds!

  • 25s Frog Stand
  • 1s Tuck Planche
  • 2s Tuck Planche


Lever Progression’s: Tuck Back Lever & Tuck Front Lever

Tuck Back Lever:

Two min rest time for these today

  • 4s Tuck Back Lever
  • 5s Tuck Back Lever
  • 4s Tuck Back Lever

Tuck Front Lever:

Two min rest time for these today as well

  • 8s Tuck Front Lever
  • 6s Tuck Front Lever
  • 5s Tuck Front Lever


One-Arm Pushup Progression: Elevated OAPU

The first rest time was two minutes, but the second one was three minutes.

  • 10 Elevated OAPU’s ( Left )
  • 10 Elevated OAPU’s ( Right )
  • 9 Elevated OAPU’s ( Left )
  • 9 Elevated OAPU’s ( Right )
  • 8 Elevated OAPU’s ( Left )
  • 8 Elevated OAPU’s ( Right )


One-Arm Chinup Progression: L-Sit Pullups

4 Minute rest time between sets for these – I’m getting beat

I decided to try and crank out that first set of Squats on my rest time for these. Geesh I’m not sure if that was a great idea – Squats wear you out!

  • 8 L-Sit Pullups
  • 6 L-Sit Pullups
  • 6 L-Sit Pullup


Sandbag Leg Training: Squats & Dead Lifts

  • 10 Squats
  • 10 Dead Lifts
  • 10 Squats