16th of January, 2013 — Workout — Pullups, Let Me In’s & Let Me Up’s

Whats happening CONVICTS!! Another fun day of Pulling exercises. I really hope after this week, the last four weeks of You Are Your Own Gym will be ‘better’. I say that only because, I’m not a big fan of the programming of it so far. Suppose it just doesnt align with my goals, and I’ll be going back to my own kind of thing after I’m done with it. I’m thinking about purchasing this book: Overcoming Gravity. I’ve heard it has excellent progressions and the author frequents the BodyWeightFitness subreddit I frequent.

Regardless, I’ll be finishing up the last four weeks of the YAYOG routine. I may combine some of the OG CC into some hybrid Calisthenics routine TO RULE THEM ALL! haha, I can see the Pre-workout’s kicking in, I’m getting all crazy again. Probably time to start warming up the shoulders and such for today’s workout.

STAY STRONG & Leave me something inspirational!!


P.s. Last week of Supersets

Pullups & Let Me In’s:

Going to be doing the first set with Super Wide Pullups.

Holding those Super Wide Pull’s for three seconds at the top snuck up on me. Brutal for the last two, my whole upper body was shaking!

Set 1:

  • 5 Super Wide Grip Pullups
  • 12 Let Me In’s

Set 2:

  • 5 Full Pullups
  • 12 Let Me In’s


Let Me In’s ( Four second contraction at top ) & Let Me Up’s:

Nice, able to crank out one more rep in the first set of Let Me Up’s – Arms are on fire!!

Set 1:

  • 5 Let Me In’s
  • 11 Let Me Up’s

Set 2:

  • 5 Let Me In’s
  • 10 Let Me Up’s


Let Me Up’s ( Elevated feet ) & Let Me In’s ( Palms up ):

Biceps were feeling it by the end of this. Having the palms up for the Let Me In’s really hit them with a vengeance

Set 1:

  • 5 Let Me Up’s
  • 8 Let Me In’s

Set 2:

  • 4 Let Me Up’s
  • 8 Let Me In’s

7 thoughts on “16th of January, 2013 — Workout — Pullups, Let Me In’s & Let Me Up’s

  1. Overcoming gravity is for sure tüte besteht i habe read so far in terms oft training, especially bodyweighttraining. Geht it! 🙂 regards from germany. Klaus

    • I am sorry. God damn german autocorrection… Overcoming gravity is by far the best i have read so far about calisthenics and programming. Get it for sure! Klaus

    • Hey Klaus,

      Yeah, It seems to be an excellent choice in the Calisthenics community. Four more weeks of YAYOG, should give me enough time to get it and read through!

      Thanks for the confirmation though my friend.


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