8th of January, 2013 — Workout — Elevated Pushups ( Wide Grip & Close ), Shove Off’s, Military Presses ( Elevated feet ), Thumbs Up, Chair Dips

Hey o’ Convicts,

Ready for weeks Five & Six?! These next two weeks are going to be Supersets ( See HERE for description ). So today’s workout beat the hell out of my upper body. The Supersets are no freaking joke my friends. That little   explosion on the way back is no joke. Stay Strong  and keep at it, It will pay off!

How was your workout today?!


Pushups ( Elevated feet ) & Shove Off’s:

Oh HOT DAMN, these were underestimated in my mind before I started. Definitely going to get in an excellent workout today let me tell you. Thankfully there’s only two sets!

Some notes on these:

  1. The Pushups are Wide Grip
  2. There’s a three second pause at the bottom of Both exercises
  3. There’s a three second count on the way down on the Pushups
  4. There’s an explosive push back up on Both
  5. Shove Off height is ~ waist high

Set 1:

  • 5 Wide Grip Pushups
  • 7 Shove Off’s

Set 2:

  • 5 Wide Grip Pushups
  • 10 Shove Off’s


Military Press ( Elevated feet ) & Thumbs Up

Geesh the three seconds down then the pause for three seconds with the Military Presses are so hard to keep up the higher the reps go! Brutal workout today 🙂

One thing I had to pay attention to was my breathing during the Thumbs Up. It’s so easy to not breathe! I caught myself a few times, especially during the three second pause’s not breathing properly. DONT DO THAT!

Set 1:

  • 5 Military Presses
  • 10 Thumbs Up

Set 2:

  • 5 Military Presses
  • 11 Thumbs Up


Close Pushups ( Elevated feet ) & Dips ( Chair with legs bent )

As the title mentions, I did the Dips as a Chair Dip, and I had to bend my legs because my Triceps are shot already. I can’t believe how brutal this workout is for me today 🙂 Feels great, but I can’t wait to see what I get next time I do these, because I feel like this is kicking my ass today.

Set 1:

  • 5 Close Pushups
  • 7 Chair Dips

Set 2:

  • 5 Close Pushups
  • 7 Chair Dips

3 thoughts on “8th of January, 2013 — Workout — Elevated Pushups ( Wide Grip & Close ), Shove Off’s, Military Presses ( Elevated feet ), Thumbs Up, Chair Dips

  1. I have got to get back into workout mode. So many activities creep up and steal my time… Keep it up, though. Your posts are always encouraging!

  2. Hey Brother,

    Don’t beat yourself up too bad about it – It happens, just dont give in and give up completely. Thats when things go south quick! Just think of it as recovery time, and now that you’re back to it, you’ll be even stronger and more prepared to go to your full potential 🙂

    The mental aspect is almost more powerful than the physical.



    P.s. Thanks for the kind words, it make me feel like all the time I put into writing things down, even if it only helps one, is time well spent.

    • I’ve still been physical: renovations around the house keep me moving. Nothing like dips, though! Yes, it’s definitely time well spent. I’m sure most readers agree, they likely don’t verbalize it…

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