4th of January, 2013 — Workout — Hanging Straight Leg Raises, Supermans, Bicycles, & Hyperextensions

Hey folks,

Going to be a bit of a mild one for me today, I’m still recovering from shoveling out my driveway a couple days ago. Landlord gave me this little, tiny-ass kids looking shovel so I had to use a lot more of my lower back than I should’ve. That being said, I’m not going to be doing the pauses at the top of the Supermans. We’ll see though, I  say that now, but once I’m into it I may be OK?

This is the last day of Interval Sets. It’s bittersweet, but I’m looking forward to the next routines. Hoping to get some time in this weekend to give the ol’ Routines page an update.

I’m honestly surprised how many people dont take up Calisthenics. It’s not that hard, unless you want it to be. Its super cheap, compared to monthly gym membership fees & if the elite of the elite in our Armed Forces almost exclusively use it to train and keep themselves in their top tier levels of fitness – it’s almost a no-brainer if you ask me. I suppose I’m a bit biased though, as I’ve always liked and admired alternative training techniques.

How’s your progress coming along?!

– B

Hanging Straight Leg Raises:

Feeling good today – Shoulders are a bit tight though from all those Pullups yesterday. Nice to see progress at least! Boy those sure do know how to put a burn on the ol’ Abdominals.

Form started to go south with that last set, so I figured I’d cut it a few reps short to maintain proper form. Good call me! haha

Set 1:

  • 12 Hanging Straight Leg Raises

Set 2:

  • 11 Hanging Straight Leg Raises

Set 3:

  • 9 Hanging Straight Leg Raises


Supermans: ( Three second pause at the top )

OK, so I lied! I paused for three seconds at the top of each rep – well on the First set so far at least. I just couldnt help myself. I’ll keep it up as long as I’m able to maintain proper form, and feel as though I wont injure myself.

OOH, it burns so good – It’s sometimes hard to breathe consistently while doing this workout. All of my weight is essentially on my diaphragm and its almost a workout in that to keep balance on my stomach while breathing in and out.

Well I was able to crank out three full sets of 12 reps, so that feels good – with the three second pauses at the top! My lower back is on fire though, so well see how that transitions into the Hyperextensions for me. I may nix those all together, because I’ll probably be out shoveling the driveway again this weekend.

Set 1:

  • 12 Supermans

Set 2:

  • 12 Supermans

Set 3:

  • 12 Supermans



I remembered from last time, that these weren’t the greatest for me. I went super slow – took over a minute to crank out the first set, and they still didnt really give me the burn I’m expecting. Guess I’ll have to go even slower, or just cut these out all together if they’re in the next couple weeks routines.

OK! I think I figured it out on that second set. I decided to do a little pause on each side when my elbows touched my leg’s. HOT DAMN, by the tenth rep, my abs were regretting that decision, but my brain wouldnt let them give up. Felt good to finish them up, but what felt even better was stretching out after.

Nothing like the burn of working out the Ab’s. I love that burn more than any other, its one of the most painful, but most satisfying. I know Ab’s are ‘built’ in the kitchen, but you need to do your work in the gym for the kitchen discipline to pay off.

Set 1:

  • 12 Bicycles

Set 2: ( One second pause at the top )

  • 12 Bicicyles

Set 3: ( One second pause at the top )

  • 12 Bicycles



I’ve decided to keep the Hyperextensions in today. I’m just focusing on keeping good form, and going slowly. Can’t strengthen the muscles if you dont work them out! After that first set my lower back’s up for it anyway. Just needed to be warmed up I’m thinking. Plus I got an adrenaline rush from a song that came on!

In case I forgot to mention, I’m doing these with my hands under my chin – as per the recommendation in You Are Your Own Gym.

Last set finally caught up to my back, and told me to HALT! Still got in some good numbers.

Set 1:

  • 12 Hyperextensions

Set 2:

  • 10 Hyperextensions

Set 3:

  • 9 HyperextensionsA

2 thoughts on “4th of January, 2013 — Workout — Hanging Straight Leg Raises, Supermans, Bicycles, & Hyperextensions

    • Hey Dave,

      Thanks a bunch! I hope to inspire people to takes Nike’s advice and Just Do It with regards to fitness. I always love a good core day anyway! Stay strong my friend.


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