3rd of January 2013 — Workout — Pullups, Let Me Up’s, Let Me In’s & Curls

Going to be a Kick A workout today Convicts. You ready to cause some chaos and crank out some upper body calisthenics?!

Today’s workout is in the style of Interval Sets. Check the Routines page for information on how that goes.

Hows your progress coming so far in the new year?! Drop me a line with some stats and what you’re hoping to accomplish this year!



Another exciting day for some Pullups. I really think the once a week thing is killing my progress with these. Thankfully only one more week of the Interval Sets – although I havent checked on whats for the next couple weeks still. Hopefully I’m going to be doing more of these! I feel as though I need to do them every third day to keep the progress going. At a minimum two times a week.

Either way, I’m glad to be able to crank out 12 reps for the first two sets. Going to be rough to keep these numbers up for the entire workout. If I can beat numbers from last week I’ll be happy though 🙂

Unfortunately I was only able to tie my numbers from last week, lets hope that the ol’ Biceps can hold up and get the same, if not better, results from last week.

Set 1: Super Wide Grip

  • 12 Super Wide Grip Pullups

Set 2: Wide Grip

  • 12 Wide Grip Pullups

Set 3: Full 

  • 9 Full Pullups


Let Me Up’s: ( A.k.a. Horizontal Pull )

Well, I was able to beat last weeks first set by one rep! Woo HOO – haha. I’m definitely never going to eat roasted garlic hummus anytime again before I workout. Or at least within an hour or two if I do. It’s so nasty constantly burping up garlic …

C’mon body, lets crank out ten reps for this last set! — Fk’n RIGHT! Man that was rough. My palms were so sweaty towards the last two reps, I thought my hands were going to slip off and I was going to bash my head. Thankfully things worked out, and I got two more reps than last week!

Set 1:

  • 10 Let Me Up’s

Set 2:

  • 9 Let Me Up’s

Set 3:

  • 10 Let Me Up’s


Let Me In’s:

I’m going to be doing these guys slowly so I can feel the burn better.

Let me tell you what, those lil buggers are much harder if you slow down and really focus on hitting the appropriate muscles.I could feel it in my Lats, my Biceps, and my Delts.

Set 1:

  • 12 Let Me In’s

Set 2:

  • 12 Let Me In’s

Set 3:

  • 12 Let Me In’s


Curls: ( With resistance band )

Hot damn, todays workout is wrecking my Biceps! I can barely type because my arms are so shot, I’ve to type super slow.

Can’t progress without putting in some work though right? We like the burn anyway – Say it with me!

For the last set, I put my hands so my palms were facing down this time instead of a normal curl where the palms are facing you – just because.

Set 1: Arms Wide Out

  • 12 Curls

Set 2: Arms Straight

  • 9 Curls

Set 3: Arms Straight – Hands upside down

  • 9 Curls

4 thoughts on “3rd of January 2013 — Workout — Pullups, Let Me Up’s, Let Me In’s & Curls

    • Hey Joshua,

      Not quite that my friend. I only did 29 total Let Me Up’s ( Horizontal Pulls ). The first set was ten reps, the second set was nine reps, and I was able to crank out ten for the third set as well.

      Are you following along with either You Are Your Own Gym or Convict Conditioning?


      • I saw on of your videos on the horizontal pulls and I thought you were superhuman It said, I think, 98 horizontal pulls. 90 horizontal pulls in three sets is very tough and it will make the one arm pullup easier if you master it. it will make all the pullups easier because in my opinion it is just as hard as a full pullup. It really tests your strength. I plan on progressing through to the master steps over 5 years. I plan on spending 24 weeks on each step of the pullup series because you can make each pullup harder by tucking your legs or holding your legs out bent or straight. Each cycle will last 6 weeks. so full pulls, full ups with tucked legs, full pullups with bent legs, full pulls with straight legs. this is when i start doing the hanging pullups like half pullups full pullups close pullups uneven pullups. coach said to stick with a movement as long as you get gains from it. i was rushing at first and skipping steps working out hours and hours but i learned that patience is key when it comes to strength. if you are patient you will get there. and once you get there you will be in awe of yourself. i do interval sprints i do a 25:10 interval times eight. that is 25 of maximum intensity sprints and ten seconds rest for eight rounds. sprints really lean you out and fight diabetes. I’ve been following convict conditioning.

  1. Hey Joshua,

    Sounds like you’ve got a pretty solid plan down man. Keep at it, and I know you’ll be able to achieve your goals!

    You definitely make some good points about being patient, and consistent. One of the reasons I started blogging all my workouts was for this exact reason. I’ve always had a fairly strong discipline when it came to my workouts, but the consistency was the real key for myself. Keeping it out in the open and on a physical medium I could go back and glance over helps me a lot.

    Keep checking back and sharing your struggles and progress with us!


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