Here’s why I don’t ‘like’ the average Gym goers attitude towards fitness.

Wish I had subscribed to this magazine a lot sooner! In this article I just read, it made me remember just how much I truly love Calisthenics and the more practical working out ‘arts’. There was a funny line that said:

Some athletes look like Tarzan, but they play like Jane.

The author discusses how he almost feels bad for the average guys who go to the gym. There’s nothing really practical about doing those kinds of activities in real life. Or how we’re or we’ve become a nation of pill poppers. Can’t sleep, why not go crank out some pullups, or go split some wood, or something – ANYTHING – besides just sit around and take a pill to help you sleep. I don’t know, was just super interesting to have someone else say the things that I’ve felt for some time about ‘traditional’ training and the like.

I guess the whole point of this, and fitness in general – at least to me – is practicality. Granted, some people’s goals are not aligned with me, and I acknowledge that, but I just don’t see the use of being able to, as the author in this article put it,

My pet peeve is Bobby Bench Press, who can lie down and push hundreds of pounds off his chest but he gets hurt when trying to move a couch!

For those interested here’s a link to the authors website –> HERE

What do you think?



One thought on “Here’s why I don’t ‘like’ the average Gym goers attitude towards fitness.

  1. You make some very valid points here. One thing that irritates me is the gym goer’s belief that they can’t “live” outside the gym: can’t run, can’t do anything social, can’t wake up early, because these things will compromise their “gains.” I can do it all now since switching to bodyweight exercises.

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