19th of December, 2012 — Workout — Hand Stand Skill Work

Whats happening today folks,

Nothing too crazy today, need a light / recovery day. Just doing some Wall Handstands today, working on getting my balance better.

Having trouble keeping my feet off the wall – I WANT IT NOW! haha. Just have to stick with it, I know it’ll get better. I kept falling because I can’t quite get my center of gravity centered consistently yet.

The duration set is pretty self explanatory. Not really trying to get the balance down, just holding the stand as long as I can stand it. – Not too shabby, but it was wrecking my wrist. I should’ve followed that link Klaus sent me awhile back about wrist warmups. Ah well, next time I suppose.

Do anything kick A with your workout today? Leave me a comment if you feel inclined, I’d like to hear about it 🙂


Warmup: Crow Stands

  • 30s Crow Stand
  • 30s Crow Stand

Set 1: Wall Handstand

  • 45s Wall Handstand

Set 2:

  • ~30s Wall Handstand

Set 3:

  • 40s Wall Handstand


  • 53s Wall Handstand