14th of December, 2012 — Workout — Back Lunges, One-Leg Romanian Dead Lift, Toyota’s, & Hyperextensions

Hey o’ folks, back with Round II of the first week following Mark Lauren’s You Are Your Own Gym. Liking the burn from all the new ways to workout. Hitting some of the muscles I’ve neglected a bit from Convict Conditioning. I suppose neglect isn’t the appropriate word, its more a different way to work them out. Gives me a new kind of burn and soreness – which I like!

For these first two weeks all the routines will be Ladder styled. I know, I know I still haven’t updated the other pages to reflect this, but its the weekend now and I should be have some free time to get them updated ( between my studies for my Certified Personal Trainer exam! ). Either way, I’m sure, being the intelligent folks that you are, have figured out already what the Ladder styled routine is. Regardless, I’ll get the other pages updated.

Not too much else to say about the workouts today, other than I’m thoroughly enjoying them still. Nothing quite like getting wobbly legged from only moving around your own bodyweight – I love calisthenics! It never really quite catches me though until I get to the Toyota’s. The explosiveness of them really wear’s the hell outta my legs.

It was also nice to not have to ‘quit’ on the Hyperextensions. By ‘quit’ I’m meaning go back down the Ladder. I was able to keep them going for the full duration of the seven and a half minutes. It felt good, although the ninth and tenth set were all mental. My body was screaming for me to stop and take a breather, but I knew I could persevere through.

Stay Strong!


Alternating Back Lunges ( Three second pause at the bottom ):

  • 1 Back Lunge
  • 2 Back Lunges
  • 3 Back Lunges
  • 4 Back Lunges
  • 5 Back Lunges
  • 6 Back Lunges
  • 7 Back Lunges


One-Leg Romanian Dead Lifts:

  • 1 One-Leg Romanian Dead Lift
  • 2 One-Leg Romanian Dead Lifts
  • 3 One-Leg Romanian Dead Lifts
  • 4 One-Leg Romanian Dead Lifts
  • 5 One-Leg Romanian Dead Lifts
  • 6 One-Leg Romanian Dead Lifts
  • 7 One-Leg Romanian Dead Lifts
  • 8 One-Leg Romanian Dead Lifts


Toyota’s ( Three second pause at the bottom ):

  • 1 Toyota
  • 2 Toyota’s
  • 3 Toyota’s
  • 4 Toyota’s
  • 5 Toyota’s
  • 6 Toyota’s
  • 7 Toyota’s
  • 8 Toyota’s
  • 9 Toyota’s



  • 1 Hyperextension
  • 2 Hyperextensions
  • 3 Hyperextensions
  • 4 Hyperextensions
  • 5 Hyperextensions
  • 6 Hyperextensions
  • 7 Hyperextensions
  • 8 Hyperextensions
  • 9 Hyperextensions
  • 10 Hyperextensions

Just enrolled in a NCCPT Personal Trainer Certification course – Psyched!

Hey o’ Convicts – Hope your day’s well. Just wanted to share with you guys, because I’m psyched as hell. As the title says, I just took the first step towards some of my personal goals. I know there’s a lot of personal trainer certifications out there, and this one was the first one I decided to go for first.

I’ll keep you updated, as I know you’re all as psyched as I am! Check back for today’s workout and hopefully I’ll get some damn’d time to get some things updated this evening.