5th of December, 2012 — Workout — Hand Stand Pushups & Angled Bridges

Starting things off with some good ol Crow Stands & Wall Headstands. Been a bit since I’ve done these guys.

I’m stepping back down to the Half Hand Stand Pushups as well for now. As per my previous post, taking this much time off has really killed any gains I made. A bit disappointing, but no worries. I’ll get them back.

Hot damn, only able to crank out seven on my first set =( Motivates me sooooo much. I hate regression a hell of a lot. Really gets the fire burning in me. What gets your fire going and motivates you?

Again for today’s workout I’m taking 30s breaks between sets.


Warmup: Crow Stands & Wall Headstands

  • 30s Crow Stand
  • 45s Wall Headstand

Set 1: Half Hand Stand Pushups

  • 7 Half Hand Stand Pushups

Set 2:

  • 6 Half Hand Stand Pushups

Set 3:

  • 4 Half Hand Stand Pushups


Warmup: Short & Straight Bridges

  • 12 Short Bridges
  • 12 Straight Bridges

Set 1: Angled Bridges

  • 12 Angled Bridges

Set 2:

  • 10 Angled Bridges

Set 3:

  • 9 Angled Bridges

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