Trying to figure out a way to workout for Charities …

OK fellow Convicts, or calisthenics enthusiasts. Lend me your ears and thoughts.

So, I’m a huge fan of working out, and calisthenics in particular. I’m also a big fan and proponent of the digital currency Bitcoin. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Any of you guys know any charities ( I’m looking for something that supports children ) that accept Bitcoins
  • I would like some input on how I may go about doing this. Possibly a certain contribution / rep kind of deal, or possibly set a monthly / weekly goal and if met, people pledge a certain amount.

I’ve been thinking about this most of the week, and I’m just trying to figure out the logistics of it all, as well as a charity. I really want to support and raise awareness of a charity, as well as introduce some more individuals to the awesomeness that is Bitcoin. I truly feel the future is either Bitcoin, or some sort of digital currency, but so far Bitcoin has been the most popular. I mean hell, you can pay for your WordPress subscription with Bitcoins now, which is a huge step forward.

I’ve setup an address already for donations, and if any come in then I’ll just let them hang out until I’ve found a suitable charity / game plan. The address for donations is currently:


QR Code setup to accept charity BTC DonationsQR Code setup to accept charity BTC Donations

QR Code setup to accept charity BTC DonationsQR Code setup to accept charity BTC Donations


As you can see I’ve also attached the QR Code for the address. Here is also a link to the address so you’ll be able to see any transactions that transpire to this address –> ADDRESS INFO

I would greatly appreciate any input as to a charity, or some suggestions as to how we can make this happen. I love working out and would like it to benefit some children in need somehow.



5th of December, 2012 — Workout — Hand Stand Pushups & Angled Bridges

Starting things off with some good ol Crow Stands & Wall Headstands. Been a bit since I’ve done these guys.

I’m stepping back down to the Half Hand Stand Pushups as well for now. As per my previous post, taking this much time off has really killed any gains I made. A bit disappointing, but no worries. I’ll get them back.

Hot damn, only able to crank out seven on my first set =( Motivates me sooooo much. I hate regression a hell of a lot. Really gets the fire burning in me. What gets your fire going and motivates you?

Again for today’s workout I’m taking 30s breaks between sets.


Warmup: Crow Stands & Wall Headstands

  • 30s Crow Stand
  • 45s Wall Headstand

Set 1: Half Hand Stand Pushups

  • 7 Half Hand Stand Pushups

Set 2:

  • 6 Half Hand Stand Pushups

Set 3:

  • 4 Half Hand Stand Pushups


Warmup: Short & Straight Bridges

  • 12 Short Bridges
  • 12 Straight Bridges

Set 1: Angled Bridges

  • 12 Angled Bridges

Set 2:

  • 10 Angled Bridges

Set 3:

  • 9 Angled Bridges