1/2 One-Arm Pushups


4th of December, 2012 — Workout — 1/2 One-Arm Pushups & Hanging Frog Raises

I’m going to do another 30 second rest period today for my workout. See how much it’ll kick my ass this time 🙂

I made a short video of my 1/2 One-Arm Pushups for Neil that I’ll be posting later today. Form’s not the best in this one my friend as it’s been a bit since I’ve done them. I’m thinking about going back to feet wider than shoulder width again for a few weeks just to get back into it. Illness, moving and just general BS take its toll on the ol’ body 🙂 Nonetheless, I’ll be posting it here after today’s workout. Let’s see how this ab workout goes!

Hot damn! After the second round during the Hanging Bent Leg Raises my abs were screaming! DAMN YOU BREAKS!!!!! Let me tell you what, its taken some freaking motivation for me to crank out these last two sets of Hanging Frog Raises. My body’s telling me no, but I’ve no excuses. I’ve got to bend my body to my mind’s will.

Just because I didnt feel as though it hit my pec’s too hard today I decided to crank out a Wide Grip Pushup set to failure.


Warmup: Close & Wide Grip Pushups

  • 12 Close Pushups
  • 12 Wide Grip Pushups

Set 1: 1/2 One-Arm Pushups ( Feet shoulder width )

  • Seven 1/2 One-Arm Pushups ( Left )
  • Seven 1/2 One-Arm Pushups ( Right )

Set 2:

  • Six 1/2 One-Arm Pushups ( Left )
  • Six 1/2 One-Arm Pushups ( Right )

Set 3:

  • Five 1/2 One-Arm Pushups ( Left )
  • Five 1/2 One-Arm Pushups ( Right )


Warmup: Hanging Bent Leg Raises

  • 12 Hanging Bent Leg Raises
  • 12 Hanging Bent Leg Raises

Set 1: Hanging Frog Raises

  • 10 Hanging Frog Raises

Set 2:

  • 10 Hanging Frog Raises

Set 3:

  • 10 Hanging Frog Raises


Just because: Wide Grip Pushups to Failure

  • 42 Wide Grip Pushups