5 thoughts on “Form Check

  1. Hey B,
    looks pretty good. Only thing to mention is “speed”. It is the nature of this exercise, that it has some kind of forward motion in it. The complete anterior chain is firing at once. I prefer to do mine in a “2-1-2”-timing, which first and foremost lowers the speed of the upward movement drastically. The one second break at the highest point helps to lose even the last tiny bit of momentum, before you lower your legs again very slow. When taking another two seconds to slowly decrease you prevent getting backwarde momentum. If this would happen anyway, you could even fill in a 1 second break at the lowest point.
    Finally it is all about timing, my friend, there are no technical failures in your movement.
    Could get a bit harder, though, if you use the slower timing, especially for the forearms given a fix number of reps…
    Have fun!

    • Klaus,

      As always man, your input is greatly appreciated. My last few sets I’ve taken your advice of slowing them down with a 2-1-2 timing. I think those extra few weeks of Hanging Frog Raises definitely helped give me the extra strength needed to be able to maintain proper form. Those little pauses are a killer! But, the extra effort will only pay dividends in the end.

      How’s things coming along with you my friend?


      • You`re most welcome, man. Personally, I am in an active recovery week, doing only light static exercises and a lot of flexibility. From next week on, I change my schedule: Up to now I had two A-days and two B-days per week, being A = Pushups, Squats and Pullups and being B = Handstandpushups, Hanging Leg Raises, Bridges and the hangprogression from CC2. From next week on I will workout three times a week, but with all the exercises at once plus some Back Lever and Front Lever work. Using this scheme I will hit all the exercises three times a week (instead of two), but still have more recovery-time in between. Am excited how this will go. And yeah, I pretty much do 5 – 10 Sun Salutations and the Trifecta plus some suited flexibility work on almost every given day. That`s how my training goes. Keep on working. 🙂

  2. Bear,
    Looking very good my friend. Great to see that you’ve progressed quickly through the exercises and looking much better for it. I’d tend to agree with Klaus, your form is fine but greater strength gains could be made by eliminating any momentum.
    Keep on keeping on,

    • Dh3s1, My favorite YouTube friend! Glad to see you havent left me 🙂 Thank you for the encouragement man. Although I’m progressing at a decent pace, I’m definitely slowing down hitting these end phases of the exercises – which is expected. I love the challenge though.

      How’re you doing my friend? Staying strong, I know you are! Let me know about your progress and any struggles you’re having. I really wish all of us could get together once a week for a kick A Calisthenics session.


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