9th of October, 2012 — Workout — Full Pullups & 1/2 One-Leg Squats

Full Pullups got me today guys! <– I wrote that during my first set, I figured I was going to get my ass kicked today by these. Was nice to get a second wind of sorts though. I was all pumped after my Wide Grip Pullup warmup numbers, and was all psyched to crank out the Full Pull’s. Thankfully I was able to put up decent numbers ( although I did have to kip-up the last few inches on the ending reps ).

Squats are solid, no issues whatsoever with them. My balance is definitely improving tremendously from these. I make sure that I dont put my foot down when I’m doing the 1/2 One-Leg Squats. I used to find it much more challenging though. I think this will be my last week of the 1/2 One-Leg Squats, I feel as though I’m not being challenged enough with them anymore and need to go to the next step. I’m not too sure how I will like doing the Assisted one’s though ( think that’s the next step, I dont have my book handy at the moment ).

Was freezing out by the time I made it home today, was a bit later than usual. That’s kind of how it’s going to be going from here on out though with it being so late in the year up here. Going to start snowing soon! My excuse for not Jumping Rope today anyway 😉

Excellent workout overall today. On my way home, the lil whiner was trying to creep in – he kept reminding me how cold it was out, and that I should just skip today’s workout. Boo hoo on him though, I knew I’d be fine.  It’s crazy how many little internal battles you’ve to overcome to achieve your goals. I used to think it was outside battles / influences, but I’ve come to realize, its all internal. Yeah, some of it may be external, but its all in how you deal with it that matters.

Stayin’ strong today convict? Let me know some victories today in the comments.


Warmup: Wide Grip Pullups

  • 12 Wide Grip Pullups
  • 12 Wide Grip Pullups

Set 1: Full Pullups

  • 10 Full Pulls

Set 2:

  • 12 Full Pulls ( Kip-up on last rep )

Set 3:

  • 11 Full Pulls ( Kip-up on last rep )


Warmup: Close Squats

  • 12 Close Squats
  • 12 Close Squats

Set 1: 1/2 One-Leg Squats

  • Twelve 1/2 One-Leg Squats

Set 2:

  • Twelve 1/2 One-Leg Squats

Set 3:

  • Twelve 1/2 One-Leg Squats

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