1st of October, 2012 — Workout — Full Pullups & 1/2 One-Leg Squats

fullWell such as life is, things didnt quite according to plan this weekend. Missed my excellent workout slated for Saturday. Ah well, can’t fret over it, just had to make sure I cranked out good sets today. I actually had my whiner friend creep up when I was on my last set for each exercise today. He kept saying,

Why do you even keep working out, there’s really no use for it

among other things. He honestly almost got me today! I almost had myself convinced that there was no need to do the last set of each exercise today. The reasoning behind this was because I had already beat my previous high for rep count. I heard in my mind,

Hey at least you’ve progressed, might as well call it quits today.

Not quite sure what was the motivating factor that made me persevere through all the negativity going on in my mind today – but, screw all that jazz! I did it, and let me tell you, its much more satisfying to have persevered through, and finished up strong. It was, without a doubt, a conscious effort though. I know myself, and past me would’ve agreed with the whiner. That little dude is quite a pain sometimes.


Anyway, how was your workout today? 

I’m glad that I was able to improve with both exercises today. Finally got all three sets of 12 reps down for the 1/2 One-Leg Squat. As well as some decent progress with the Full Pullups. My arms were looking pretty sexy all full of the blood and pumped up after I had finished those bad boys today! I’ve also started to notice a difference in my Lat’s from doing so many Wide Grip Pullups.

Leave me some comments on what step’s your on, if following CC –  If not, what your current progression in whatever system you’re following 🙂


Sets 1-3: Jump Rope

  • 3 Min Jump Rope

Bike Ride:

  • 2 Mile Bike Ride


Warmup: Wide Grip Pullups

  • 12 Wide Grip Pullups
  • 12 Wide Grip Pullups

Set 1: Full Pullup

  • 11 Full Pulls

Set 2:

  • 10 Full Pulls

Set 3:

  • 10 Full Pulls


Warmup: Close Squats

  • 12 Close Squats
  • 12 Close Squats

Set 1: 1/2 One-Leg Squats

  • Twelve 1/2 One-Leg Squats ( Left )
  • Twelve 1/2 One-Leg Squats ( Right )

Set 2:

  • Twelve 1/2 One-Leg Squats ( Left )
  • Twelve 1/2 One-Leg Squats ( Right )

Set 3:

  • Twelve 1/2 One-Leg Squats ( Left )
  • Twelve 1/2 One-Leg Squats ( Right )

3 thoughts on “1st of October, 2012 — Workout — Full Pullups & 1/2 One-Leg Squats

  1. Hi,

    My progress so far is Squat step 5, Pushup step 3, Leg Raise step 3, Pullup step 3.

    After struggling with Kneeling Pushups to begin with I am finally increasing my reps and I am now at 3×14. This I put down purely to Greasing the Groove which is a great system.

    I tried JackKnife Pulls for the first time at the weekend and only managed 3×7 so I may have to GTG them also but also for the first time I have had some DOMS in my lats which is a good thing. Hopeully they will improve my back muscles over time and I will get that v-shape. I guess you are further ahead so has your back begun to look any better from CC?

    Still using my Dumbbells for my arms which have increased half an inch this month which is good. They are still tiny at 12.5′ but making newbie gains with them and 14′ is my first goal for them. My fat is dropping 2% a month roughly too (weight same as in July though) as I am watching my diet and I hope to be at 10% by Jan\Feb and hoping not to lose much weight.

    Thats my update 🙂


    • Hey David,

      Excellent to hear my friend! I’ve read some excellent things on Greasing the Groove, I’m glad it’s helping you progress. Anything to keep us motivated right?!

      Thinking back to my Jackknife Pulls, I was right with you brotha when I started. Those damn’d things were brutal. How do you think you’ll go about GtG on those bad boys? I’ve never tried it, but when I first heard about them, I was considering doing them for my Pullup series. But three x seven is nothing to be scoffed at!

      As far as my V shaped goal for my back, I’d say its coming along decent enough. I’ll have to get some progress pics uploaded for everyone, but I honestly hadn’t taken too many when I started – unfortunately. I remember reading people wishing they’d taken more initial pics as well. I’d say that once I cut some more of my body fat back down to the ranges I want, It’ll be much better. This mass gaining diet I was on, had been adding some unnecessary body fat. But I had to keep focused, and remember that my body cuts sooooo much easier than it gains. The number of Pullups that I can do now is definitely increased the size of my back muscles though, which was a goal of mine. I want that V baby!

      Holy crap man, half an inch already! Hot damn, congrats my friend. Do you think its more of a bicep increase or tricep gain from all those Pushups you can do now? While I was doing more of the Close Pushups, but especially the Full Pushups, they really jacked up my triceps nicely.

      It’s a good point you’ve saying that your fat is dropping, but your mass is staying the same. Glad to see you’re not going by the usual metric of ‘weight loss.’ It’s not all it’s cracked up to be, your mass may stay the same ( as in your case ), but your body fat % has decreased, and your lean muscle mass has increased!

      Keep up the good work my friend,


  2. Yeah I think GTG on the JackKnifes will work too. I will start doing 50% of my max reps from tonight onwards to see how I do so probably 3-4 reps every so often. Luckily enough I have been taking pictures of myself every month and recording my measurements which is quite motivational so I recommend it to you if not doing it already. You mightn’t see a huge difference in the mirror but the tape measure doesn’t lie!

    I think the gains on my arms were due to both biceps and triceps but as you know triceps take up ¾ of your arm so omit them at your peril. Funnily enough at the time I found step 2 of CC pushups hit my triceps more than the kneeling pushups (shoulders getting hit with them) but maybe I have just gotten stronger in that area but triceps are the way to go for bigger arms.

    In regards the whole weight loss thing. I agree, when first starting out I thought gaining abs would be to have lower weight but boy have I learned a lot over the past two months. You don’t want to be a skinny guy with abs so I am trying to gain as much muscle as possible whilst dropping fat so my weight stays the same. Apparently this recomp (as its called) ideally works for beginners like me as apparently seasoned lifters struggle to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time hence the cutting bulking cycle. It’s working for me at the moment, 15.5% and dropping so I am sticking with it.

    Take care


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