25th of September, 2012 — Workout — Hanging Frog Raises & 1/2 One-Arm Pushups

Decent workout today, was glad to get 12 reps in for the 1/2 One-Arm Pushup routine. Thought I’d mention that I’m still currently doing them with a wide stance at my feet. Once I’ve consistently got all three sets with twelve reps per set, then I’ll start moving my feet closer together. I honestly havent even tried them with my feet close since the first time I moved up to the 1/2 One-Arm Pushup’s.

With my Leg Raise workout today, I’m not sure if I noted this last time, but I don’t feel as though my form for the Partial Straight Leg Raise’s was good. While doing them, my body keeps swinging around, I can’t keep my upper body to stop from swaying. I’m going to move back down to the Hanging Frog Raises for the time being, and focus on slower movements, possibly a four count for the way down. I think I’ll give this a try for a few weeks, so as to build up my core strength a bit more before going back to the Partial Straight Leg Raises.

When I was doing the Partial Straight Leg Raises last time, I felt it more in my hip flexor’s and upper quads while moving in the negative motion. While raising, it was definitely hitting the abs, and with a vengeance.

I had to make sure to stretch out my shoulders a bit more today, they seem to take a hit every day. I may have to move some things around in my routine to give them a little more time for recovery.

Like I said though, decent workout today. I put more emphasis on form today, not only with my Leg Raises, but also on my 1/2 One-Arm Pushups.

OH MAN! I’ve just re-read the bit about 1/2 One-Arm Pushups in Convict Conditioning and it says this:

However, the elbows are not required to bend very greatly in this exercise, so it must never be performed by itself as the sum total of any pushup program. It should always be followed with a movement where the elbows are bent beyond ninety degrees in the bottom position; either close pushups or uneven pushups should be added afterwards.

Looks like I’m going to have to remember this for next time. I had completely forgot about this little fact at the bottom of the description. If any of you are following Convict Conditioning, I hope you noticed this little, but important bit of information. Honestly writing this right now makes me want to go do some Full Pushups with my new Pushups bars.

Catch you tomorrow 🙂


Sets 1-6: Jump Rope

  • 3 min Jump Rope


Warmup: Hanging Bent Leg Raises

  • 12 Hanging Bent Leg Raises
  • 12 Hanging Bent Leg Raises

Set 1: Hanging Frog Raises

  • 12 Hanging Frog Raises

Set 2:

  • 12 Hanging Frog Raises

Set 3:

  • 12 Hanging Frog Raises


Warmup: Decline Wide Grip & Close Pushups

  • 12 Decline Wide Grip Pushups
  • 12 Decline Close Pushups ( with my hands on a ball )

Set 1: 1/2 One-Arm Pushups

  • Nine 1/2 One-Arm Pushups

Set 2:

  • Eleven 1/2 One-Arm Pushups

Set 3:

  • Twelve 1/2 One-Arm Pushups

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