20th of September, 2012 — Workout — Full Pullups & 1/2 One-Leg Squats

Had my grandparents from out-of-town stop by for a visit yesterday, so yet again I missed out on the HSPU day =(, although it was really nice to get to see them – Its pretty rare these days.

Todays workout was pretty solid though, the 1/2 One-Leg Squats definitely beat me up a bit. Was nice to progress with both workouts, although the Full Pullups only increased by one rep, its still progress 🙂 I love doing Pullups either way, especially those Wide Grip Pullups. Got double 12 rep sets again, which feels good. Definitely struggle with the last two reps for both sets though.

I’m thinking that by the end of next week I’ll be on to full-blown Pistol Squats, the assisted ones are basically the same thing. I may give them a shot though, just so I can follow the progression properly. I know I can do the Full Pistol Squats already so it’s hard to decide.

Sets 1-7: Jump Rope

  • 3 Min Jump Rope


Warmup: Wide Grip Pullups

  • 12 Wide Grip Pulls
  • 12 Wide Grip Pulls

Set 1: Full Pullups

  • 9 Full Pulls

Set 2:

  • 9 Full Pulls

Set 3:

  • 9 Full Pulls


Warmup: Close & Uneven Squats

  • 12 Close Squats
  • 12 Uneven Squats ( Left )
  • 12 Uneven Squats ( Right )

Set 1: 1/2 One-Leg Squats

  • Twelve 1/2 One-Leg Squats

Set 2:

  • Ten 1/2 One-Leg Squats

Set 3:

  • Ten 1/2 One-Leg Squats



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