13th of September, 2012 — Workout — Half HSPU, Half Pullups & Half One-Leg Squats

Whats up everybody?! You’d best be getting your calisthenics on this evening ( unless today’s your day off ).  Today’s workout had a little addition of the Half Hand Stand Pushup workout today – I was slacking a bit yesterday. I kind of regret it though, because it cut into my strength for my Pullup routine that was on schedule for today.

My stamina and wrist strength is improving for my Jump Rope warmups though which is nice. Didnt really start to feel it in my wrist until the seventh round. Stamina wise, I felt I could’ve gone for a few more rounds. Think the temperature had a bit to play with that though, it was fairly warm, but there was an excellent breeze today to offset it.

What kind of cardio do you to?

I forgot how much I missed doing the Half Hand Stand Pushups though! My balance is getting better and better – I know i keep saying it, but I need to become more consistent with those damn’d things. I feel as though if I had kept consistent I’d be able to do them without the tree support. Oh well, I managed to break my record reps today though which is a nice feeling. Like I mentioned though, I feel as though it cut into my shoulders a bit too much and hindered my Pullup workouts today – well the Wide Grip Pull’s at least.

Half One-Leg Squats are getting better every time, not only the balance, but also the feeling in my knee’s. The quads are getting so much stronger and more defined every week. I haven’t had defined quads since I did soccer in High School, so its a nice feeling. It wasn’t really a priority for me before, I was too focused on ab’s, shoulders and chest – the ‘Glamour’ muscles if you will. Thankfully I grew out of that, and realize that its an all around fitness level that I wish to achieve – So far so good I’d have to say.

I really love doing Pullups though. I want that sick nasty V for a back. Nothing monstrous, but I find they’re one of the hardest for me to get defined and larger. I know a lot of it is diet, and I’m currently not following a diet that will lower my Body Fat %, but I need to build the muscle before I can cut the fat down to be able to see it!

Tell me about something your proud of today with regards to your workout!


Sets 1-8: Jump Rope

  • 3 Min Jump Rope


Warmup: Close & Uneven Squats

  • 12 Close Squats
  • 12 Uneven Squats ( Left )
  • 12 Uneven Squats ( Right )

Set 1: Half One-Leg Squats

  • 8 Half One-Leg Squats ( Left )
  • 8 Half One-Leg Squats ( Right )

Set 2:

  • 8 Half One-Leg Squats ( Left )
  • 8 Half One-Leg Squats ( Right )

Set 3:

  • 10 Half One-Leg Squats ( Left )
  • 10 Half One-Leg Squats ( Right )


Warmup: Crow & Wall Handstands

  • 30s Crow Stand
  • 30s Wall Handstand

Set 1: Half HSPU

  • 10 Half HSPU

Set 2:

  • 8 Half HSPU

Set 3:

  • 9 Half HSPU


Warmup: Wide Grip Pulls

  • 12 Wide Grip Pulls

Set 1: Half Pulls

  • 12 Half Pulls

Set 2:

  • 12 Half Pulls

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