28th of August, 2012 — Workout — Half One-Arm Pushups & Hanging Frog Raises

Worked out late this evening, so I didnt push myself as hard as I had wanted. Nonetheless, I still cranked out some decent numbers. I need to write out my thoughts again, but tonight wasn’t the time. It was basically pitch black out while I was doing my Jump Rope. Was actually pretty fun doing it like that, had no visual clues.

Sets 1-6: Jump Rope

  • 3 min Jump Rope


Warmup: Decline Wide Grip Pushups

  • 12 Decline Wide Grip Pushups

Set 1: Half One-Arm Pushups

  • 6 Half One-Arm Pushups ( Left )
  • 6 Half One-Arm Pushups ( Right )

Set 2:

  • 7 Half One-Arm Pushups ( Left )
  • 7 Half One-Arm Pushups ( Right )


Warmup: Hanging Knee Raises

  • 12 Hanging Knee Raises

Set 1: Hanging Frog Raises

  • 12 Hanging Frog Raises

Set 2:

  • 12 Hanging Frog Raises

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