No Internet Yet!

So as I may have mentioned, I just moved into my new apartment this weekend. The Internet has not been setup completely as of yet, so I’m going to have fairly weak posts with regards to content and formatting. But don’t be scared away fellow CC’ers, because ( if time permits ) when I’m on my lunch break the next day at work I’ll be able to fully format and possibly write in a few notes ’til the Internet setup is complete.

I truly appreciate you guys for checking in occasionally, and hopefully the work I do here will keep you motivated! As I’ve said before, dont hesitate to ask questions, leave feedback, anything! I know my motivation sometimes wanes, not much though thankfully. The hardest part of working out is just starting. I take a pre-workout supplement that pumps me up, and I dont like to waste money so as soon as it kicks in, there’s no way I’m skipping my workout for that day. It also helps, that I love working out, and it’s become a part of my way of life. If I’m not working out, I’m reading up on something fitness related – I’ve got the bug man!



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