6th of August, 2012 — Workout — Squats, Leg Raises & HSPU

Well as I promised heres what was accomplished in today’s workout.

Warmup: Close Squats

  • 12 Close Squats
  • 12 Close Squats

Set 1: Uneven Squats

  • 10 Uneven Squats

Set 2:

  • 12 Uneven Squats

Set 3:

  • 12 Uneven Squats


Warmup: Hanging Knee Raises

  • 12 Hanging Knee Raises
  • 12 Hanging Knee Raises

Set 1: Hanging Bent Leg Raises

  • 12 Hanging Bent Leg Raises

Set 2:

  • 12 Hanging Bent Leg Raises

Set 3:

  • 12 Hanging Bent Leg Raises


Warmup: Crow & Wall Handstands

  • 30s Crow Stands
  • 30s Wall Handstand

Set 1: Wall Handstand

  • 61s Wall Handstand

Set 2:

  • 50s Wall Handstand

Set 3:

  • 47s Wall Handstand


Check back tomorrow for the formatting and my thoughts on today’s workout.

Let me wake up to some comments on how your workout went today!


5 thoughts on “6th of August, 2012 — Workout — Squats, Leg Raises & HSPU

  1. Good progress. Next week I will be moving onto Step 3 of the first four exercises except Pullups as I have been away from my Pullup bar and the Horizontal pulls are very tough for me. Gonna start to do them at sternum height and then hopefully hit the progression standard at this height as Paul Wade advises in his FAQ. Still loving the whole process though especially when its visibly noticeable on my body.


    • Hey David,

      Excellent to hear my friend. I’d have to agree with you though on the Pullups – with the move to my new apt I’ve had a tough time getting settled and back into the groove of things. I’ll thankfully have my Pullup / Dip station delivered tonight so I’ll be able to get back into those things. I’m psyched to be able to do Wide Grip Pullups again. I want my lats to grow!

      As long as you keep at it man, you’ll reminisce in the days of you struggling with them. They’re an excellent way to get your body ready for full blown Pullups though.

      You’d better still love the process! Convict Conditioning is an excellent program, and it’s the most enjoyable calisthenics routine I’ve followed.

      Check back later, as I’ll have my workout for today posted with the new Pullup station:)


  2. Listen–just wanna say: great work, son. Great work. And big thanks for streading the word about old school calisthenics.

    Looks like the last thing you need is help, but if you need me just holler kid.


    • Hey Paul,

      If you’re the actual champ who wrote CC then I’d just like to applaud you and your efforts for putting this out there for us all. It’s very much appreciated from the calisthenics community I’m involved with.

      Hell, even if you’re not really him, Thanks for the encouraging post. I’m always grateful knowing that my efforts, in keeping this journal visible, might possibly, help keep someone out there motivated.

      Keep checking back in. It’s always encouraging when people leave me comments.


      • Very cool if this is Paul Wade. For what it’s worth i think it is him by the way the text is written, similar to the book.

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