Awesome article on Bodyweight workouts


4 thoughts on “Awesome article on Bodyweight workouts

  1. Certainly have been. Progressing through step two whilst over here even though I’m struggling without my pullup bar 🙂 Invented an exercise which feels like its between step one and two of the pullups to keep me going without it. Its basically step one of pullups but instead with feet right up against the wall but also instead I have my arms at belly height. Quite tough so good enough for me in the circumstances.

    • Sounds interesting to say the least! I’ll finally be able to get back into the swing of things now that I’m all moved into my new place. My boss actually gave me a Pullup / Dip station that he was going to toss, which I’m pretty psyched for ( the tree’s behind my new place are rather lacking in branches ).

      Keep it strong brother!


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