30th of July, 2012 — Workout — HSPU, Bridges, Pullups & Squats

Alright my fellow Convicts lets see what you’ve got in you today. Monday, lets do good today!

Hoping to get a lot accomplished today. Took a few days breather to let myself recover fully, and now I’m going to get it done today. Well I did play a pickup game of soccer on Saturday – Havent done that in a while.

So I’m very anxious to get this CC done, because of the Olympics I really want to get working on the routines in this book I’m going to get called ‘Overcoming Gravity.’ Seems like it would be a very fun routine. I’m not going to quit CC though, because Its worked wonders for my overall strength. I also want all of the Master Steps!

Whoo it was nice to crank out nine reps on that second set of Uneven Squats! Feels good 🙂 Things get a bit easier the more and more I do those ( Well I’d hope so right! ). My balance and overall flexibility improves every time I work my legs.

The tenth and eleventh reps on the last set were outrageous. When I got to ninth rep, I kept saying Two More – I can get two more. Hot damn I did, another satisfying Leg Workout – These bad boys are getting strong!

I’m alternating between the Uneven Squat series & the Hand Stand Pushup ( HSPU ) series today. After the warmup on my HSPU’s I’m going to try to max out with each hold. Not that I don’t on the others, but I’ve a goal in mind of at least 60s when I do them. This time I’m not putting a limit on myself. See how far I can push myself

haha, well despite my mindset, my body could still only support me for 62s for the first ‘ rep.’ Things will hopefully improve for the second set. Same thing for the second set. No bother, I’ll get em on this third set. Suppose this max deal isn’t working out so well for me. I’m going to watch the timer this time and try to force my body to get to at least 65s. Suppose it could be a bad idea to try to do the Horizontal Pulls at the same time of the HSPU – both seem to work my shoulders a bit?

Eh, couldn’t quite get it without potential Injury. It may be my first plateau! My left shoulder’s the weak link this time. Well no need to be discouraged, I’ll get it next time 🙂

Well I can’t quite get to my ladder I normally use for the Jackknife Pullups so I’m going to have borrow and exercise from the next series in the Pullup Series … the winner is: Half Pullups!

Those things weren’t too bad, only issue is I’m doing them on Rings and I have to keep focused on keeping my palms facing out in an actual pullup move. Going down halfway was interesting as well. Stopping the negative put the burn’n on my biceps and Lats. I’m going to start on the Bridge Series as I do these Pullups

Damn, didnt expect to get nine reps on the second set of those Half Pullups. Biceps are on fire though – Might’ve forgot to leave some in the tank for the next set — Not too shabby for the first time doing those I’d say? I still want to get my form much better doing the Jackknife Pulls. I honestly think the challenge of using the Rings makes it more fun, and obviously more intense.

Second to last set on those Angled Bridges, at ~ rep eight, that weakness started to creep in on me – ‘Hey you only need to get 10 reps, that’s what you got last time, therefore its OK this time also.’ Wouldn’t let that lil bastard influence me, I knew I could get at least one more rep, was a challenge though.

Hell yeah, got that done. For the last set once I got to six reps, I started my count over again, and TOLD myself that I just did six, That means I know I can get these last six.

Excellent workout today folks, I’m not hearing much from you guys, leave me a comment on how your routines are going? Any Achievements, or struggles, I want to hear them!


Sets 1-6: Jump rope

  • 3 min Jump Rope


Warmup: Close Squats 

  • 12 Close Squats
  • 12 Close Squats

Set 1: Uneven Squats

  • 7 Uneven Squats ( Left )
  • 7 Uneven Squats ( Right )

Set 2:

  • 9 Uneven Squats ( Left )
  • 9 Uneven Squats ( Right )

Set 3:

  • 11 Uneven Squats ( Left )
  • 11 Uneven Squats ( Right )


Warmup: Wall Handstands

  • 30s Wall Handstand
  • 40s Wall Handstand

Set 1: Wall Handstand

  •  62s Wall Handstand

Set 2:

  • 50s Wall Handstand

Set 3:

  • 50s Wall Handstand


Warmup: Horizontal Pulls

  • 10 Horizontal Pulls
  • 10 Horizontal Pulls

Set 1: Half Pullup

  • 8 Half Pullups

Set 2:

  • 9 Half Pullups

Set 3:

  • 7 Half Pullups


Warmup: Straight Arm Bridge

  • 12 Straight Arm Bridges
  • 12 Straight Arm Bridges

Set 1: Angled Bridges

  • 10 Angled Bridges

Set 2:

  • 11 Angled Bridges

Set 3:

  • 12 Angled Bridges!

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