Don’t think I forgot about you all 🙂 I’m just down in NYC for a soccer game, I’ll hopefully get to workout tonight if I don’t get too caught up in the city fun.



2 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. I just started following your post and I’m willing to follow the progressive calisthenics method described in the book. I can do 40 regular pushups and more than 20 close grip pushups so I think I’m in a decent place to start from. I’ll keep in touch and btw,although calisthenics is mainly about strength,did you see any new gains?

    • Hey Somik,

      Thanks for following along with me, and I strongly encourage you to log it all as well. Progress is the best motivator – for me that is.

      As far as the gains your asking about. I’ve for sure seen size gains, albeit small, they’re still there. I need to get my diet in a more solid state for the gains I’m wanting though. Being on vacation didnt help me much in that department!

      Strength gains have been exponential though, as well as just general aches and pains diminishing because my muscles are much stronger and able to move my own body around with ease. Its most noticeable in my knees though, as years of skateboarding and soccer took its toll on them. With the strength gains in my quads, it’s keeping my knee cap’s pulled in alignment better and causing me less issues with them – which is an amazing feeling.

      Stay strong my friend, and stop back often to drop me a note on how you’re progressing. It’s also very encouraging to me knowing I could help encourage or help motivate others to stay fit and complete their goals. Remember – There are no Limits, only Plateaus!


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