Updated Measurements = Progress!

Man it does feel good to see some progress – albeit small, it’s still there! I’m very happy I am logging / tracking everything so I can actually ‘see’ the progress. Helps keep me motivated.

After I finished my workout tonight and showered ( gave me some time for the blood to dissipate from the muscles ) I did some measurements on my legs, arms and chest. Last time I did it was a few months ago, so here’s what we’ve tonight:

Thighs: 22.25″ — Chest: 39.5″ — Bicep ( Right ): 14.75″ — Bicep ( Left ): 14.25″

In case you havent checked the progress page that’s an increase of:

Thighs: 0.25″ — Chest: 1.25″ — Bicep ( Right ) 0.25″ — Bicep ( Left ): 0.25″

How’re you doing?


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