21st of June, 2012 — Workout — Pullups & Squats

Starting things off with some good ol’ Horizontal Pulls. I’m hoping to be done with these damn’d things here soon, I really want to progress onto the next step. I’m thinking with my new rep count and added resistance things will progress much more fluidly.

After the warmup I’m going to put my backpack on. I took the books out, but left the 20lbs worth of weights. If I can get all three sets with the 20lbs, I’ll for sure be onto the next step next round.

Man that extra 20 lbs makes things a bit more interesting thats for sure haha 🙂  Second set got super rough around rep eight. Hoping I can finish off this third set with exquisite form and get to 12 with the backpack on.


Moving onto Full Squats today – Starting with Half Squats with weights. First set I’m going to just use the backpack full of ~30lbs then if that’s not too bad I’m going to use dumbbells to try to get the reps down to 12.

It was for sure a bit harder, but I still couldnt get it hard enough for the 12 rep count. I posted a comment on /r/bodyweightfitness to ask if the 10-12 rep count for Bulk was also appropriate for the squats in Convict Conditioning.  Honestly doing the Full Squats isn’t much harder than the Half Squats. I’m definitely going to have to add weights, because the first set I felt like I could go for a while.

Warmup: Horizontal Pulls

  • 10 Horizontal Pulls
  • 10 Horizontal Pulls

Set 1: Horizontal Pulls ( With backpack full of 20lbs )

  • 12 Horizontal Pulls

Set 2: Horizontal Pulls ( With backpack full of 20lbs )

  • 12 Horizontal Pulls

Set 3: Horizontal Pulls ( With backpack full of 20lbs )

  • 12 Horizontal Pulls


Warmup: Half Squats ( With backpack full of ~30lbs )

  • 25 Half Squats
  • 15 Half Squats ( With backpack full of ~30lbs & 2 x Dumbbells with 16lbs )

Set 1: Full Squats

  • 10 Full Squats

Set 2: Full Squats ( With backpack full of ~30lbs )

  • 20 Full Squats

Set 3: Full Squats ( With backpack full of ~30lbs )

  • 20 Full Squats

7 thoughts on “21st of June, 2012 — Workout — Pullups & Squats

  1. Hi Big B,

    Hope you are well. I have just been looking at your progression of Horizontal Pullups and I see on this post you were doing 3×12 and then in your subsequent posts you are only doing them as a warmup.

    Did you move on before hitting the progression standard of 3×30 and didnt complete step 2? I do see them as complete in your ‘Progress page’ though. Just curious as i am on these now and wanted to see the guidance on the increase of reps per session.


    • Hey David,

      The rep counts in CC don’t exactly fit in with my particular goals with the program. Past a certain rep count ( ~ 5-12 depends on who you ask ), it trains your muscles to become more endurance based ( sarcoplasmic hypertrophy ). My goals are for more Strength gains ( myofibrillated hypertrophy ) as opposed to the Endurance training that’s more of the basis of CC – Although it says it’s a strength training program, the high amount of reps isn’t necessarily the most efficient for that.

      ” Strength training typically produces a combination of the two different types of hypertrophy: contraction against 80 to 90% of the one repetition maximum for 2–6 repetitions (reps) causes myofibrillated hypertrophy to dominate (as in powerlifters, olympic lifters and strength athletes), while several repetitions (generally 8 – 12 for bodybuilding or 12 or more for muscular endurance) against a sub-maximal load facilitates mainly sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (professional bodybuilders and endurance athletes). ”

      I choose to try and max out at 12 reps for the Strength gain’s as well as the muscular improvements. So it’s more of what your specific goals might be – You will gain strength from doing the actual rep count in CC, that’s for sure, and you’ll be able to perform the specific workout for longer than someone who’s focusing more on Strength gaining with the lower rep count.


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