6th of June, 2012 — Workout — HSPU & Bridge’s

Today’s workout is going to be fun. I’m onto the next step of the Hand Stand Pushup routine!

These Crow Stands put a definite strain on my wrists. I might wrap them up next time just for some extra support. I’m also considering doing them on my knuckles as my wrists are much stronger that way from boxing.

I like doing these Wall Handstand much more, than the Wall Headstands. It definitely makes a lot more blood rush to my head doing it this way though haha. This second set I’m going to be doing on my fists as noted prior.

OK, so the fists didnt work out so well for the Wall Handstands. I had a tough time getting them stable, I was on a light incline while trying this though. Keep checking back for updates! These are much more difficult that I imagined! Thankfully I’ve the drive and perseverance to stick with it.


Short Bridges are still cake, although they do provide an excellent warmup for my lower back. I’m only taking 30 second rests between the warmup sets. I was looking forward to moving onto the next step, but upon checking the book it says to be able to complete 40 reps of the Straight Arm Bridges! Ugh, probably at least a week or two more before I’m able to crank out three sets of that – if not longer as I seem to keep missing these days.

Was able to get to 32 reps on the first set of Straight Arm Bridges. I was starting to struggle towards the end, but I pushed myself a bit. I couldn’t see very well, but it felt like my form was still pretty solid. 40 reps for three sets is definitely going to be a nice challenge to overcome! Anyone else feel this in their hamstrings?

Warmup: Crow Stands

  • 30 Second Crow Stand
  • 60 Second Crow Stand

Set 1: Wall Handstand

  • 30 Second Wall Handstand

Set 2: 

  • 30 Second Wall Handstand

Set 3:

  • 30 Second Wall Handstand

Set 4: 

  • 30 Second Wall Handstand


Warmup: Short Bridge

  • 50 Short Bridges
  • 50 Short Bridges

Set 1: Straight Arm Bridge

  • 32 Straight Arm Bridges

Set 2:

  • 27 Straight Arm Bridges

Set 3:

  • 25 Straight Arm Bridges

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