4th June, 2012 — Workout — Pullups & Squats

Today’s workout is going to be lame, it rained today while I was at work so my usual workout spot outside is going to be wet! I’m going to be moving on to the next step in the Squat series ending with Half Squats!

So because it was raining I didn’t want to blog while I was working out. Here’s what was accomplished today:

I was glad to get closer to the next step though, as long as I’m progressing!

Well crap, in my rush I didnt complete my last set of Half Squats 😦 Ah well, I’ll get them next time.

Check back tomorrow for the video, and have a wonderful day.

Warmup: Horizontal Pulls

  • 10 Horizontal Pulls
  • 10 Horizontal Pulls

Set 1:

  • 13 Horizontal Pulls

Set 2:

  • 12 Horizontal Pulls

Set 3:

  • 11 Horizontal Pulls


Warmup: Supported Squats

  • 20 Supported Squats
  • 20 Supported Squats

Set 1: Half Squats

  • 5 Half Squats

Set 2: 

  • 8 Half Squats