30th May, 2012 — Workout — HSPU & Bridge

Well today’s workout is one of my least favorite, but it’s still important to get done. I only say its my least favorite because I’m on the very basic steps of it and they’re super boring!

Ah well, no use complaining – If I just finish them up, the faster I’ll be able to move onto the next step – WOO HOO!!! ( I had a little bit too much caffeine after work today 🙂 )

Starting things off with the good old Wall Headstands.

I’m thinking I don’t even need to use the wall anymore with these Wall Headstands – must mean my core / balance is improving 🙂 Always nice to see any sort of progress. Again with most of my workouts I’m taking 120 second rests between sets, except this time I only did 30 second rests for the warmup.

First round of Crow Stands, I feel after the 40 second mark, so I killed that video and re-filmed with the full minute length. It’s tweaking my right wrist a bit, so I’m not positive I’ll be able to get all three sets at 60 seconds. I don’t want to injure myself as that’d derail my progress a bit.

On the second set I failed two times around the 30 second mark, so I reset the timer / video for both of those and by the time it came to the third attempt I could only make it to 45 seconds. I’ll take it either way though. This last set I’ll get the 60 seconds, and hopefully beyond! I’m a sucker for perfection, so when I fall from losing balance, and not being tired I feel as though I have to reset. Could hurt me in the long run, but as of now that’s how I play. I mean it’s only my third or fourth time attempting these, so I might be moving too quickly for my own good, I just can’t stand not progressing and pushing myself to see what I can achieve!


BRUTAL! I had a little stumble on the last set again around the 30 second mark, but one I reset, I mustered up all of my focus to crank out the last set with 60 seconds! Definitely not easy though, the last 20 or so seconds my legs started to slip and my shoulders were burning.


Short Bridges are an excellent lower back warmup for myself. When I was younger I had a fairly physically demanding job for a youngster and never paid much attention to my ‘form.’ Resulting in almost monthly occurrences of a strained lower back, so its crucial for me as an adult to keep good form, and strengthen those muscles. I’ve become super conscious of my posture, especially while sitting as my job now has a lot of that.

Warmup: Wall Headstand

  • 120 Seconds
  • 60 Seconds

Set 1: Crow Stands

  • 60 Seconds

Set 2:

  • 45 Seconds

Set 3:

  • 60 Seconds


Warmup: Short Bridges

  • 50 Short Bridges
  • 50 Short Bridges

Set 1: Straight Bridges

  • 25 Straight Bridges

Set 2:

  • 20 Straight Bridges

Set 3:

  • 20 Straight Bridges

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