19th May, 2012 — Workout — Pushups & Leg Raises

Another Pushup and Leg Raise day. Seems like I just had one of these … Good thing I love them!

Unfortunately one of my buddies decided to show up half way through my workout so I’ll have to do the Leg Raises when I get home. I’m going to finish up this Pushup series though before we take off to watch the Champions League Final .. GO BAYERN MUNICH!

I did the 120 second rest between sets and about 150 second break between work sets, in case you were interested 🙂


Stay tuned, I’ll be posting these numbers when I’m back home.

Warmup: Half / Full Pushups

  • 25 Half Pushups
  • 25 Half Pushups
  • 10 Full Pushups

Set 1:

  • 20 Full Pushups
  • 20 Full Pushups

Set 2:

  • 20 Full Pushups
  • 18 Full Pushups

Set 3:

  • 20 Full Pushups
  • 17 Full Pushups


Warmup: Leg Raises


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