Diet’s not been the greatest

I’m having a tough time with all the prep work that goes into maintaining my nutrition goals, and its making me mad! Anyone else run into this?

I’ve always had a fairly balanced and healthy diet, as far back as I can remember. My mom and dad engrained in my from a young age healthy eating habits. Mumsi always made a vegetable whenever we were sitting down together for a meal ( which I’d have to say was a lot more often than most ). Thankfully I’ve always had a thing for veggies and actually like them much more than fruits.

I’m currently on a Mass Gaining diet though, and I find it difficult sometimes because I’m so used to being really cut, averaging around 8-13% body fat ( estimated because I don’t have calipers ). Now that I’m trying to put on more muscle I eat like a horse, and sometime when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror it discourages me a bit. I’m not saying that I’m a monster now, I’d say I’m a good 13-17% body fat now, but I’ve also put on around 5-10lbs of muscle too. I guess I’m just curious if others go through this when they’re on a mass gaining diet?

I just can’t wait to get back down to my normal body fat percentage, and have that cut look I’ve had my whole life! For those interested, I log all my food intake as well here


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