Rest time between sets

So I’ve went through and skimmed over some bits in the book that were talking about the amount of rest in between sets. I’ve come to the realization that I’m not looking for endurance with my workouts, but rather strength. Coach wade says that if your wish is to have maximum stamina, then rest as little between sets, but if your goal is to become stronger, you should rest as long as you feel appropriate to be able to put all your effort into it and finish the set up.

I mean I already knew this, but I guess it had just become lost somewhere along the lines. So no more 30 second breaks between sets and no more 60 second breaks between work sets, unless of course I feel as though I can give it my all in that short time to recover. What’s more your goal, strength or endurance?


16 thoughts on “Rest time between sets

    • Hey Don’t Eat Crap! haha I laughed more than I should’ve when I read your name, but I COMPLETELY AGREE!!! [ Although I do look forward to my cheat days very much 🙂 ]Is it a bodyweight workout routine like what I’m embarking on, or is it having you go to a gym and pump some iron?

      • LOL People love my blog name 🙂 It makes me happy. I do enjoy my cheat days as well, in fact, we just got back from a trip to Oklahoma City (which I blogged about) and you will very well see a weekend of cheating. But we are home and back on track which is the more important thing. You go to the gym 2-3 times a week and pump iron LIKE A MAN!! The cover says “lift like a man, look like a goddess” LOL so I am looking forward to the results. I have a 10K race next weekend so after that I plan on tackling this 6 month plan. I have to increase my protein intake to almost 150 grams a day! YIKES! I usually eat around 60.

      • ‘Lift like a man, Look like a Goddess’ huh? Very interesting, I definitely feel as though strength training is super important for all. You will definitely need to up your protein intake if your goals is to build some strength, those muscles need it 🙂 I’m not sure what I’m averaging, but its somewhere in the low 200’s with regards to grams / day of protein! But I’m sure we have different fitness goals. How do you log your food intake? I personally use an app ( ) because it lets me scan the barcodes so I don’t have to manually type it !

      • So far so good. It’s a pretty simple system. I’m on workout 5 of 16 in the first phase. I hope I am working hard enough, I think I am chicken when it comes to upping my weights. Also, not sure if I am getting 100 g of protein like the book wants me to eat.

      • Are you still using myfitnesspal? That tells you all the nutrients you’re consuming for the day, just check the protein section!

        Glad you’re sticking with it though, and don’t be a chicken for upping your weights, just make sure you’ve proper form and a spotter and you’ll be golden 🙂 ( I’m sure you already know all of this though )

        I’ve been on a high protein diet for such a long time I would go crazy not knowing how much I intake on a daily basis. Obviously we’ve different strength / muscular goals, but I shoot for around 260 grams of protein a day. I’ve found gaining muscle / mass is actually a lot harder for my body to do than when I need to cut.

        Have an excellent day, and keep up the good work 🙂

      • Question for you, what happens when you go back to normal eating and don’t take in all that protein? How does your body react? I weigh about 120 lbs and I was getting around 60-70 g of protein a day but now I am trying to get more like 90-100.

      • I’m not quite positive, I’ve always had a fairly high protein diet – even before I started to log it all. I know that I lose a little muscle mass when I’m not taking in so much protein, but I haven’t been on a ‘normal’ diet in so long I’m not sure!

  1. Rest for 2 minutes is what I did for a year until I hit a wall. Now Im resting 30 seconds between sets, but doing fewer reps.

    • Hey Neil, thanks for the comment! I was just curious, do you also follow Convict Conditioning or other bodyweight workouts?

      EDIT: My apologies, I was in a rush and didn’t get a chance to follow the link to your blog — Of Course you follow CC!! I check follow your progress and blog quite often, thanks for the input. I know I’ll plateau at some point, but like you said, I’ll just have to adjust and keep at it.

  2. Hi Big B, I am consistently taking 1 minute rest between sets, but I’ve been thinking to increase the latter to 2 minutes so as to push myself harder on the second and third work sets. How much rest do you typically take ?

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