Changing up my routine. Input would be appreciated!

So in one of my previous posts I had entertained the idea of doing multiple workouts per day, instead of the standard as coach Wade had written. Sort of a modified version of the Solitary Confinement routine. In my previous post I had considered trying my current routine out for another week, but I’ve already made up my mind to go ahead and go for it.

I’ve made this decision because I feel as though I’m not hitting my muscles enough to keep them growing and strengthening. A once a week strain, in my mind, doesn’t keep them conditioned for what my goals are. I can’t recall the source, but it discussed how your body will adapt to what it needs to. If I’m only doing the pullup routine once a week, my body doesn’t really need to grow and strengthen the back muscles as much as if I were to task them two times per week.

What do you think?


p.s. Check out my diet, and let me your thoughts on that as well —> HERE


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