My big six and the steps I’m starting with

  1. Pushup:
    • Beginning with Step 5: Full Pushup
    • Training goal: Intermediate 2 sets of  10
    • I’m fairly positive I can get the Training level goal of Progression ( 2 sets of 20 ), but I’m going to try to focus on keeping my performance of the pushup at a high level. The author mentions keeping it a bit slower — two second down, pause for one second , back up and immediately back down. The logic of the pause, being a momentum killer, was refreshing to hear. While doing a pushup fast, you are able to use some of the momentum, but with the pause its all muscle.
  2. Squat:
    • Beginning with Step 2: Jackknife squats
    • Training Goal:  Intermediate 2 sets of 20
    • Squats have never been a big favorite of mine, but after reading the logic behind it, it will be very important to develop
  3.  Pullup:
    • Beginning with Step 3: Jackknife pulls
    • Training Goal:  Intermediate 2 sets of 15
    • I need to remember to keep the shoulders tight on the way down and not to fully extend my arms.
    • Again the author mentions two seconds up, one second pause, then two seconds down
  4. Leg Raise:
    • Beginning with Step 5: Flat Straight Leg Raises
    • Training Goal:  Intermediate 2 sets of 10
  5. Bridge:
    • Beginning with Step 2: Straight Bridge
    • Training Goal:  Beginner 1 set of 10
    • I don’t really ever train my spine much, Only from the yoga of P90x so I feel that I’ll need to begin low
  6.  Handstand Pushup:
    • Beginning with Step 1: Wall Headstands
    • Training Goal:  Beginner 30sec
    • I know that I can already do a few of them, but I want to be able to get to the Master Step
    • I like his line the author says, it will more than likely take you 2-3 years, but you were planning on getting 3 years older anyway right?

3 thoughts on “My big six and the steps I’m starting with

  1. Hey, i’m also starting convict conditioning in a month or so. The book says to be patient and to start from first step even if you can do more so I was wondering what’s your take on that. Anyway, good luck!

    • Hey barely anon,
      I definitely agree you should start at step one to build up the coordination and strength required to do these moves, and again I am no expert with regards to this. I feel personally, with me just coming off of the p90x routine, and prior to that i was working with the 10-week program from You are Your Own Gym, my body has already had the time to adjust and build the core strength required to work with bodyweight workouts. With the routine, and stages that I’m starting with, I am actually undercutting my abilities for that reason. I feel that if i were starting from ground zero, then yes I would definitely start with step one of each of the big six. Keep following with me as I could be shooting myself in the foot with this decision, but only time will tell!

      Are you starting from absolute zero, meaning no bodyweight experience prior to your start of CC? I’m would also like to know what made you begin? Just like to hear other’s motivation 🙂


      • This is my last month of p90x and i was considering doing a 2nd round (no bodyweight exp besides this). I found the details about convict conditioning while surfing reddit and i’ve decided to try it instead for a while. I’ll probably be mixing the ‘good behavior’ schedule with p90x’s aerobic workouts (plyo,yoga,kenpo,stretch). My main motivation is that i want to see how strong i can get without relaying on weights and i see it as a way to keep me interested in getting in shape avoiding the boredom that comes with doing the same thing over again. Also It would be pretty awesome to be able to do handstand pushups 😀

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