Overestimated my pullup strength

So today’s the first day of my Convict Conditioning regimen. I had initially decided to start with step three ( Jackknife ) intermediate which I can do, albeit rough. What made me decide to cut it back down to step two was the warmup. It’s recommended to run through the previous two steps. I was unable to do 30 consecutive Horizontal pulls, not even 20. Was a nice eye opener for me, so I’ve decided to suck it up and drop down to step two intermediate as I’m unable to complete all 20 reps.

I was able to keep the two seconds up, one second pause, and two seconds down rhythm. I tried to keep focused on perfect form. Practice doesn’t make perfect, Perfect practice makes perfect. Overall, a good start though. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

My big six and the steps I’m starting with

  1. Pushup:
    • Beginning with Step 5: Full Pushup
    • Training goal: Intermediate 2 sets of  10
    • I’m fairly positive I can get the Training level goal of Progression ( 2 sets of 20 ), but I’m going to try to focus on keeping my performance of the pushup at a high level. The author mentions keeping it a bit slower — two second down, pause for one second , back up and immediately back down. The logic of the pause, being a momentum killer, was refreshing to hear. While doing a pushup fast, you are able to use some of the momentum, but with the pause its all muscle.
  2. Squat:
    • Beginning with Step 2: Jackknife squats
    • Training Goal:  Intermediate 2 sets of 20
    • Squats have never been a big favorite of mine, but after reading the logic behind it, it will be very important to develop
  3.  Pullup:
    • Beginning with Step 3: Jackknife pulls
    • Training Goal:  Intermediate 2 sets of 15
    • I need to remember to keep the shoulders tight on the way down and not to fully extend my arms.
    • Again the author mentions two seconds up, one second pause, then two seconds down
  4. Leg Raise:
    • Beginning with Step 5: Flat Straight Leg Raises
    • Training Goal:  Intermediate 2 sets of 10
  5. Bridge:
    • Beginning with Step 2: Straight Bridge
    • Training Goal:  Beginner 1 set of 10
    • I don’t really ever train my spine much, Only from the yoga of P90x so I feel that I’ll need to begin low
  6.  Handstand Pushup:
    • Beginning with Step 1: Wall Headstands
    • Training Goal:  Beginner 30sec
    • I know that I can already do a few of them, but I want to be able to get to the Master Step
    • I like his line the author says, it will more than likely take you 2-3 years, but you were planning on getting 3 years older anyway right?

So it begins…

I’ve just finished up running through the P90x system developed by tony horton and beachbody. Overall it was a pretty solid routine, I didn’t stick to the exact guidelines, and I also didn’t have the a pull-up bar for the first two months. I’m new to the blog-o-sphere and I figured I’d share everything I log with anyone who’s interested.

I will be posting what’s I consume on a daily basis, the routines and reps, and also my thoughts with the whole process. The way I log my food consumed will be using myfitnesspal.

Follow me, leave me feedback, or just creep around and browse 🙂